I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of my new book, “The Fight For The Night: Resolving the Authorship Dispute of The Night Before Christmas.” Originally published anonymously in 1823, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” as it’s often referred to, was credited to Biblical scholar Clement Clarke Moore. But did he actually pen this Christmas classic? That’s what I wanted to know. 


This book has been nearly a decade in writing and researching and it is finally ready to release to the world, but I need your help. Please consider being a part of my launch team. All I ask is that you read “The Fight For The Night,” or most of it, and then on launch day, purchase a copy in your preferred format and write a review. Your purchase ensures your review is listed as an Amazon verified purchase. 


A launch team is a time-honored tradition in the publishing world. I hope you’ll consider being a part of my team. 


I’m planning to launch in about a month. If you think you can read all or most of my book by then and participate as an exclusive member of my launch team, please reply to this email by just telling me – “I’m in, Tom!” Next week, I’ll provide you with an ARC (advance reader copy) of my book. That’s it. 


I hope you’ll consider being a part of my team. I can’t do it without you!


Warm regards,

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